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Website Design for Entrepreneurs

I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by building extraordinary online presences.

Video Production

I create commercials, presentations, training, and documentary videos for small businesses.

Business and Marketing Consulting

I enjoy helping entrepreneurs discover their brand’s purpose and voice through coaching and brainstorming.

Audio Production and Podcasting

I help entrepreneurs tell their story with podcasts.

I create to
help others find
their voice

Hi, I’m Chad. It’s nice to meet you. I am an entrepreneur from Joplin, Missouri. I started my first company in the eighth grade. I learned how to design a simple website and built a joke website targeted toward children like me. I felt it was important for kids to have access to cleaner jokes than the ones I had been hearing at school and reading on other websites. I made money by selling ads on the site and my first business was born.

After a while managing the joke website, I decided to offer website design services to local businesses. I designed my dad’s company website and some websites for some other business owners. My latest venture moved from virtual deliverables to physical products–something I’ve never dealt with before. I founded The Beardkraft Grooming Company, a men’s grooming company specializing in the production of beard care products.

When starting anything, it is important to start with why you’re doing it. I create so I can help other entrepreneurs find their voice. As an entrepreneur, I know the difficulties of starting a company. I want to make things easier for entrepreneurs by giving them a floor to share their story. Whether it is by designing a website, producing a video, or helping a young genius start a podcast, stories will be told and I am so excited to be involved in the storytelling process.


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Contract and Freelance Work

Website Design, Graphic Design, Audio and Video Production, and Consulting



“Chad has been great to work with! He is quick to respond, pleasant to deal with, and does great work!”

“Chad makes it easy to have a professional functional website! Great looking, great price, easy to work with!”

Brandon, Burrito Day

“Chad made every effort to make the project easier for me and the end result is something I’m truly proud to show my clients!”

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