Work with a Business Made Simple Certified Coach.

1. Hire Your Coach

2. Implement Proven Frameworks

3. Grow Your Business

Trying to Grow a Small Business Alone is Overwhelming

You feel like you're under water.

It seems like everything you try gets you further behind.

You don't have any time to enjoy life outside of your business.

You are constantly thinking about your business's problems and unable to relax.

Get a plan to build a thriving small business and get the support you need to feel confident you’re getting it right.

Hire a Coach to Help You Implement Your Growth Plan

Work with your business coach, Chad Kraft, to implement and improve the processes in your business so you can make more money, have more freedom, and live the life you’ve always wanted to live.


Build your business on a solid foundation with a thought out mission and guiding principles.


Create a repeatable marketing message and sales funnel to convert your browsers into buyers.


Create a sales process that helps you win more business by positioning your customer as the hero.


Create and identify profitable products that lead your company towards growth.


Install a management and productivity system to keep costs down and productivity high.

Cash Flow

Make managing your cash flow stress-free and create more profit.

How to Work With Chad Kraft

Join one of my signature programs today.


Join Chad’s Growth Pusher community to get the support you need from other entrepreneurs and coaches who want to help you succeed.


Work with Chad in a group setting or 1-on-1 to create a plan to build and grow the business of your dreams using proven systems and frameworks.

Speaking & Training

Want Chad to speak at your next even or train your team? Chad speaks and trains on several topics like marketing, sales, and branding.

Get the Support You Need to Grow Your Business

With Business Made Simple’s proven 6-step business growth framework, I’m confident that:

Your business will grow.

Your stress and anxiety will decrease.

You will save time figuring out how to grow your business.

You will be a more confident business owner.

You will belong to a community.

You will change more lives.

I am here to help you grow your business and get your life back.

Chad Kraft, Certified Business Coach

It isn’t easy to grow your business alone. With a dedicated growth coach by your side to help you each step of the way, you can grow your business with ease and confidence. Chad Kraft has worked with hundreds of business owners to grow their small businesses. As a previous marketing agency owner and startup founder, he knows what it’s like to be in the trenches growing a business.

Working With a Business Coach is Easy

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Book a free coaching call with a growth coach to discuss your business goals and your challenges.

Make a Plan

I will send a custom plan to you showing how we can work together to grow your business.

Implement & Grow

Implement the plan and enjoy growth while you watch your bank accounts and wallet overflow.

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