Business Solutions

YOU’re too busy to take care of marketing

Branding & messaging

The first thing most people ask is, “what’s the difference between consulting and coaching?” The main difference is that the coaching offers more of a DIY structure when it comes to marketing your brand and my consulting packages involve several meetings and brainstorming sessions. As a coaching client, you will be challenged to create your own marketing collateral with some freebies sprinkles here and there.


Web & Marketing

Let’s say you’re fine with handling your marketing, you rather enjoy it, but want to get on the right track. Perfect! My consulting packages are designed for the business owner, director of marketing, or marketing intern to take over when they’re ready. Any employee can be a marketing ninja when we’re finished working together.


Virtual CMO

You might be thinking, “what on earth is a Virtual CMO?” and that’s a great question. Like a virtual assistant, a virtual Chief Marketing Officer takes marketing off your plate. Most business owners hate marketing because it’s too confusing, takes too much time, and costs too much money. Well, as your virtual CMO, it is my responsibility to worry about all of that so you don’t have to. When you have someone dedicated to your marketing, it will run much better than if you can just hit it here and there.


Clarify Your message

Do you want to build a brand that is clearer and more profitable than it has ever been? Apply to work with me and together we will create a brand with a clear message and actionable marketing strategy customized for your mission to grow your business.